Display Phase Locking Technology

MiMax is a leading authority on video phase-locking and compression. The company leverages and repurposes common video hardware components including Graphics Processor Units (GPUs), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and general purpose processors in new and innovative ways resulting in greater efficiencies and lower costs. We aim to disrupt the autonomous driving vehicle market (self driving trains, cars, ships, etc), the cryptocurrency mining industry and any other technology that relies on millisecond recognition of small changes in a video pattern or instant recognition of matches in a field of otherwise incongruent data.

MiMax IP includes 3 active, 1 expired and 1 prospective patent. The display patent faciliates management of multiple displays per system. The Frame locking/ phase locking patent enables better synchronization, redundancy, monitoring, high resolutions, and multiple screens in diverse environments. The comparison patent performs data difference detection by rapidly checking frame by frame to send only data that has been changed rather than data for the entire display.

We Target Technology Environments for Disruption

MiMax technology benefits industrial control, transportation platforms, crypto mining and enterprise gaming.

  • Data Centers – connections with fewer CPU cycles in data centers using Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)
  • Transportation, data, and communications centers -sharing displays among users such as in vehicles
  • Autonomous vehicle manufacturers – self driving accuracy + reaction timing due to phase locking technology
  • Defense systems – self navigating accuracy and reaction timing due to phase locking technology
  • Industrial plants -improving the redundancy and failover for industrial systems (PLC, SCADA)
  • Casinos – monitoring system status on payouts for legal coverage in enterprise gaming
  • Gaming Hardware & Software – attaching multiple devices for games including virtual reality mobile devices
  • Cyber mining equipment makers – faster, more efficient match finding due to phase locking in the circuitry
The most energy efficient video compression on the planet


MiMax Strengths

MiMax employees are experts in Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) technology used in new applications for astonishingly fast, low cost and low electrical power GPU behavior which is:

A) Very fast in finding data-hash matches for cybercurrency bit coin mining.
B) Very fast in the discovery of visual image data differences for movement detection or video compression.
C) Very fast in finding data confirmation of data differences, for peer networks of block-chain date bases.

Mimax does this by combining GPU’s and FPGA’s in new ways. FPGA’s offer the ability to create almost any new digital circuit, and commercial-off-the shelf GPU’s are the fastest raster scanning devices, transistor, for transistor in history.

MiMax applies both frame and pixel phase locking of GPU heads and feedback loops to create these new methods.

The MM-Linx distro will soon support built in applications for MiMax GPU cards.

MiMax’s GPU cards will revolutionize the way researchers and users find the data differences or matches they seek.

MiMax team patents

  • US6262695 Method and apparatus for phase-locking a plurality of display devices and multi-level driver for use therewith
  • US8139072 Network hardware graphics adapter compression
  • US8441493 Network hardware graphics adapter compression
  • US10499072 Macros cell display compression multi-head raster GPU
  • US Patent Application No. 17/532,768 Object Macrocells in Frame Locked Rasters for Real-Time Driving, Positive Train Control and General Purpose Anti-Collision Provisional Patent Filed
    Publication No.US-2022-0185349-A1 Publication Date:06/16/2022

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